The Utrecht 12-inch LP record hunting bag (Camouflage).

An astonishingly large capacity.
Room for 40 12-inch LPs.

Original Peter Utrecht LP Record Hunting Bag (Camouflage), front view
Original Peter Utrecht LP Record Hunting Bag (Camouflage), side view
Original Peter Utrecht LP Record Hunting Bag (Camouflage), back view


As you can see from the photos, our Utrecht Record Hunting Bag is a wider bag, giving it a very large capacity indeed. Named after the World’s Largest Record Fair, this bag has a gusseted design that allows it to take at least 40 LPs, maybe more if you like them tightly packed, or 50-odd disco twelves. The dimensions of the bag do not give you an accurate impression of just what this bag is capable of carrying; when not full of LPs it makes a superb and sizeable day to day bag, easily capable of dealing with a combination of LPs, bike lock, gym kit and more. One of our customers has told us this is the first bag he’s found that is great for LPs but is also big enough to carry his 17" Mac Book Pro with ease. It’s also a perfect weekend travel bag (like going to Utrecht!) Camouflage - or rather Disruptive Pattern Material (or 'DPM' as we vintage clothes geeks like to call it) - is a perfect fit for the legendary Utrecht LP Record Hunting Bag. This is the usual double bonded waterproof fabric and this exact pattern is known as DPM 95, which is the classic British Army 'woodland pattern'. We think it looks superb with the black leather trim and black military grade (natch!) webbing and brass fittings. The interior is the lovely brown camo background colour and this bag even comes with a pair of matching camo stiffeners. You can also be assured that the finishing on both the inside and outside of the bag is of the very highest quality. Handmade in the UK, this bag is a friend for life.

Available in navy blue, classic khaki, dark olive green or camouflage with fine leather trim.


Made in England from English bridle leather, water-resistant Italian double-layered canvas, British solid brass fittings and military-grade British cotton webbing.


Width: 15 in (38cm) x Height: 16 in (41cm) x Depth: 2 1/2 in (6cm)


A pair of matching bespoke canvas stiffeners; a hand-printed letterpress 'thank you' card, and; a 'lucky dip' LP from Jonny's and Ed's collections.


“I bought one of your Utrecht LP Record Hunting Bags recently. I use it to take my vinyl plus a Soundburger (they only have one deck) to my regular Hospital Radio show. I know it was expensive, but I have never had a bag that feels so comfortable and safe carrying the heavy vinyl.”
Simon – DJ and crate digger


Description Price  
Utrecht LP record hunting bag: Camouflage £225.00